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Sealed with a Hug

Taken at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Cat’s Best Friend

One Grateful Lion

Meet Sirga, the lion. This story is incredible! A lioness was saved by a few young men after being driven out of her pride. And now slightly older, has the chance to say… Continue reading

Lean On Me

This piglet looks so happy to be snuggled up to her/his buddy. We want a hug too, please!

Koality Hugs

Puppy Hugs

Check out this adorable photo shared by One Hug a Day fan, Bianca Marie!! Thanks for sharing! We love it!

Sunday Sunggles

Love Birds

Baby Otter Hug Sleeping on a Woman’s Face

Buzzfeed has some really huggable posts! Yesterday, we featured their 23 Most Awkward Moments in Hugging History and today we’re flipping the table and showing you one of the most adorable snuggle hugs… Continue reading

Manatee Hugs!

How cute is this manatee family snuggling!?